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Peeling colored glass lamps

I love tiffay type lamps. Colored glass, whether it has "leading" or not. And I have quite a few, most bought many years ago. I have one that's made with stained glass, and some I don't know how they're made. But three of them are made with some sort of foil over frosted glass. And over time, that foil has started peeling. One had started peeling when I bought it, but the others got that way over time. The globe was on the top of a shelf turned on, and I believe the heat caused the foil to break up. The rabbit was OK until I placed it on a window shelf for a few years, and then suddenly it was peeling big time.

What do I do? And have any of you experienced the same thing?

I have looked at a lot of Pinterest tutorials and youtube videos, and I've found several ways to make faux stained glass windows and faux tiffany lamps.

  • Acrylic paint and Mod Podge
  • Food coloring and Mod Podge
  • Tissue paper and Mod Podge
  • Enamel paint
  • Glass paint

Since mine have frosted glass, probably all of these will work. Any suggestions? I'll leave a picture on Instagram for you to comment on.