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I'm Ann Elisabeth. I'm from Norway. I do videos on tech, reviews, handbags, hauls, travel.

Granny cart / shopping trolley used with mini bag

In this video I showed how I like to use a mini bag for my valuables, as well as stuff I access very often, such as shades, and put anything else I want with me in a granny cart. I show how I organize it, including using big carabiners meant for prams/buggys, and a carabiner for water bottles, as well as a gopro case for the stuff I don't want to get squished in the bottom of the cart. I also promised I'd include info on the stuff I put inside the case.

Also check my older What's In My Bag video.

What's in the gopro case:

  • Two pouches - an Kipling Iaka and a defunct Eagle Creak one.
  • 1: Extra chewing gum. This is packaging used in Scandinavia. It doesn't work well for places where it's humid. But it's wonderfully compact!
  • 2: Electrolytes. I use electrolytes when it's warm, to replace minerals and potassium that sweating takes out of the body. This particular one is Resorb. Their normal one is in fizzy tabs, but the one for sports is in single use package suitable for handbags.
  • 3: Tissue. Just a normal packet.
  • 4: Handcream. I depotted Soap and Glory Righteous Butter into a very small travel size pot
  • 5: A small plastic case bought at Søstrene Grene, with Monolaurin capsules with a hair tie around it. Video coming on Monolaurin!
  • 6: Perfume. This one came in a dual ended stick with a lipgloss. I removed the lipgloss and closed that end with Sugru.
  • 7: Single use eye drops (you can use them maybe a day). Tears Naturale. I don't like preservatives in eye drops, and would never use up a whole bottle anyway before it went bad.
  • 8: Wonderfully flat coconot lip balm bought at 7 Eleven in Thailand. Recommended!
  • 9: A small extra phone battery
  • 10: Two USB patch cables. Micro USB for phone and Mini USB for MP3 player
  • 11: Hairtie
  • 12: Happy ears ear plugs. See video
  • 13: Soft case for my ear buds (Creative EP-630). See video on cases for ear buds
  • 14: Thrunight Ti flashlight. This one is defunct, but there are lots of flashlight online. I prefer one that takes one AAA battery for my handbag/cart
  • 15: Derringer mini pin. This is identical to the Zebra T-3. Look on ebay