How did I get tagged on a shoe picture on Facebook?

Lately I’ve seen lots of people get tagged in cool looking pictures of shoes. Some have ASKED to be tagged, so I figured it was OK (the Nike high heeled shoes, they’re pretty cool). But then another set of pictures showed up - guys were tagged, and I got curious. I followed the link, and saw this:

Tagged heels

Tagged heels

Obviously, not all of them were happy about beging tagged. And Rita’s question deserves to be answered:

One of the admins on that page is a friend of her. That’s how she got tagged. Considering the links on that site - probably a fake profile. It’s quite common these days. Especially celebrities accept everybody who asks, until they reach the 5000 limit, and then start culling out people they don’t know.

I have seen guys tagged in pictures of beautiful and scantily clad girls, complete with links to dating sites. The only thing that works is vigilance. If the tagging is done from a profile - unfriend her. If it’s done from a page, you may not know who did the tagging, and just have to untag yourself every time they try, or make tagged pictures visible only to yourself (in your privacy settings).

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