Who am I? Short version:

I live in Norway, have a master's degree in Theology and have worked as a professional photographer and sys admin. I love gadgets, and anything technical.

I used to do radio when local radio started in Norway. I used a DJ-style studio, and did shows on my own or had guests in studio. I've been interested in photography since before my teens, and video photography since I first had access to a camera. I've done some simple sound engineering with PA systems at small events.

My old site died due to server meltdown, so I need to make a new one. Unfortunately my Joomla template was not compatible with a newer version. So for now I'm using an old layout and a simple HTML editor (that's an upgrade from Notepad, believe me!). Since the old site died, I've started making videos on Youtube. I'll add some of the old content, but will probably make mostly new content.